Growing the future of sustainable living


Our investment professionals work with exceptional entrepreneurs to build breakthrough technologies, products, and services in health and sustainability. We invest in seed to growth equity stage companies located primarily in North America with global market potential. We are looking to partner with companies who are building on the following emergent themes: prevention, personalization, participation, performance, transparency, efficiency, and connectivity.


We invest in solutions that engage and empower people to improve their health and well-being. We look for science and technology-based innovations that improve health delivery, create access to new health management tools, improve diagnosis and prevention of chronic disease, and enable people to lead healthier lives. 

Current Health Portfolio


We invest in science and technology companies that reduce consumers’ impact on the world’s natural resources. We look for solutions that increase consumer engagement in sustainable living, create consumer access to resource management tools and knowledge, encourage resource efficiency throughout the supply chain, and reduce global waste and pollution. Read more about Physic Venture's Sustainable Living Investment Strategy.

Current Portfolio